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The joy of not knowing how easy or how difficult a situation may be—as though you are looking at life through the lens of a child.




1. Extremely happy; full of joy. “A blissful couple holding a baby.”

2. Providing perfect happiness or great joy. “The blissful caress of cool cotton sheets.”


Synonyms: happy, euphoric, joyful, elated, rapturous, delighted, thrilled, overjoyed, joyous, on cloud nine, in seventh heaven, over the moon, on top of the world.




1. Lack of knowledge or information. “He acted in ignorance of basic procedures.”


Synonyms: lack of knowledge, lack of education, foolishness, incomprehension of, unawareness of

Cassidy Phillips
  • Founder of TriggerPoint Performance
  • Amazon best selling author of Blissful Ignorance: The Art Of Being An Entrepreneur 
  • Global Keynote speaker and presenter
  • Co-founder of Motion Stretch Studio

A Timeline of Cassidy's Journey


The Year of Transformation​
  • Movement became difficult for Cassidy.  Doctors diagnosed him with fibromyalgia.

  • He used his biochemical background and research on muscle tissue fiber structure to create a line of products that allowed him to work on himself as a therapist would.

  • Cassidy met the woman of his dreams.


The Year of Commitment
  • After results that shocked his doctors, he decided to turn his products into a company

  • Cassidy proposed to Carin at the Gulf Coast Triathlon on the same day that he launched my company

  • Cassidy found everything he needed to produce 50 products per week


The Year of Growth
  • Cassidy hit the road selling his products, selling out everywhere

  • With 20 suppliers and hundreds of thousands in sales, the supply chain started to crumble and the events began to take a toll on his marriage

  • It became clear they needed more employees


The Year of Stability
  • It was time to get an office, find a home and build the company

  • They settled in Austin, TX, realizing they had done more than 1 mill in sales

  • Focusing on longevity they doubled down on education, design and marketing


The Year of Relationships
  • Cassidy and Carin paid off their original debt to his grandmother & took production overseas

  • They got endorsements from 6 Olympic athletes

  • Poised to grow


The Year of Change
  • With a team of employees and a blown mind, production demand was more than they could keep up with

  • Cassidy's wife was done with the business side and pregnant

  • They began pursuing other markets and industries, including fitness


The Year of Sharing
  • Still struggling to make a profit, Cassidy reached out to 3 triathletes who benefited greatly and they invested

  • They took the company overseas, to China

  • Nothing went right but he knew he was on the right path


​The Year of Definition
  • With the economy taking a turn for the worse and selling premium products, Cassidy created a product called the grid

  • They had defined the industry with revolutionary products

  • Cassidy's 2nd son was born


This year was a blur


The Year of Leverage

  • Tp was a household brand and production was difficult to manage

  • Leveraged popularity into partnerships and products started being used for product placement.

  • Went to NFL blurb


The Year of Internal Struggle

  • With 40 employees. a gym and worldwide distributors, international flights were a part of everyday life

  • Cassidy's body started to get tired with the physical demand.Mentally, it became hard to maintain a positive outlook

  • Expanded digital footprint


The Year of Name Dropping

  • London Olympics tipping point, even delivering products

  • Name drop the people

  • Educational classes


The Hardest Year

  • Continued growth and all over, Cassidy increased the number of products sold along with education and marketing

  • He was exhausted

  • By end of 2013, Cassidy made a goal to sell the company in the next twelve months


The Year of Independence

  • Sales were higher than ever

  • The marketing efforts were more focused on the product than education

  • Sold TriggerPoint in October 


The Weird Year

  • Cassidy transitioned from having the same passion every day building a global business to having nothing to do. 

  • He dove heavy into philanthropy, investing and traveling, including visiting Africa, Fiji, Vietnam,  and Europe.

  • Cassidy ran hundreds of miles trying to occupy his mind while fighting entrepreneurs' depression.


The Year of Self-Reflection and Redefined Purpose

  • Investing, family travel and being a dad was Cassidy's priority along with trail running.

  • He focused on how to # BeABetterFather #BeABetterHusband

  • The entire year was dedicated to his #’s, filling his emotional buckets


The Year of Starting Again

  • He had to start another business - Motion Stretch Studio, workng on creating the education, therapy and customer experience for most of the year.

  • He dove into  creating Blissful Ignorance the Book

  • He dedicated his time to his kids' tennis games with all of his free time spent courtside.


  • The abrasions of starting a new business, having partners, and traveling started to affect his family life so he sold his interest in Motion Stretch Studios

  • He felt like he was disrespecting where he’d come from by not getting the book done, so he doubled down and completed it in December.

  • He traveled the world with his wife and kids watching the kids crush it in tennis. 


  • Cassidy became an Amazon #1 best selling Author

  • Recently, he launched the  BLIG podcast, website and community

  • The story is still being written #InHisName

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