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About the book:

The book release date will be on January 15th.

Please sign up for the newsletter  for up to date information about the launch. Also a few luck people will get a signed copy of the book. These people will be chosen randomly.

The reason for the book is to help people understand how to build a business and be the best possible leader they can be.  I wanted to share some of my experiences building a global business out of the back of my car. The book is tailored towards business but can be applied to any relationship in life. 

In order to be who you want to be in life you have to accept who you are today. This is the stepping stone for your greatness.

Most people are hiding from their past. It may have been a bad relationship, boss or parent but a lot of times someone somewhere stopped you from thriving in pursuit of the future and stopped you in your tracks of yesterday.

Today is your day, you were designed for your greatness! be Blissful in your abilities and Ignorant enough to go all in and pursue your purpose driven path.

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