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Hey fellow entrepreneur

This is the wake-up call you've been searching for! This book will empower you to be exactly who you are supposed to be--in business and in life.

You think you have a foolproof plan for entrepreneurial success, but somewhere in the midst of getting overwhelmed with every detail, obsessed with every opportunity, you're dissatisfied with employee output, directionless toward growth, or just plain stuck.

Hey fellow entrepreneur, Cassidy here.
You know me as the founder of TriggerPoint. I've just released my first book "Blissful Ignorance: The Art of Being an Entrepreneur" and I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs, just like you, achieve more with less stress. 
You need to redefine your thought process

Keeping it simple, cutting out complexities, and getting back to why you built the business in the first place.


Cassidy Phillips founded one of the world's most successful health and fitness brands, TriggerPoint. While revolutionizing an industry and establishing a household name, he learned a lot along the way. In Blissful Ignorance, he draws upon his triumphs and missteps to help entrepreneurs learn how to simplify their approach, ignite their passion, and discover their own purpose-driven path.


Filled with Cassidy-isms--no-nonsense best practices for any industry--this is the wake-up call that will empower you to be exactly who you are supposed to be--in business and in life.

Entrepreneur Cassidy Phillips

Made his mark with the revolutionary therapeutic company TriggerPoint. Combining his skills as an athlete, trainer, and biomechanical specialist with his passion for empowering others, Cassidy built TriggerPoint into a global brand that generated more than $60 million in sales while reaching over eighty countries.


Today, Cassidy puts his self-taught expertise to use as a consultant, venture capitalist, philanthropist, and speaker. He has dedicated his life to empowering those who are in need of a greater quality of life. He is an involved father and passionate husband and continues to live out his purpose-driven life.

Grab your copy of the Amazon best-selling book Blissful Ignorance: The Art of Being An Entrepreneur 

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