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"To be who you want to be in life you have to accept who you are today."

Entrepreneur Cassidy Phillips made his mark with the revolutionary therapeutic company TriggerPoint. Combining his skills as an athlete, trainer and a biomechanical specialist with his passion for empowering others, Cassidy built TriggerPoint into a global brand that generated over 60 million dollars in sales while reaching over 80 countries.


Today, Cassidy puts his self-taught expertise to use as a consultant, venture capitalist, philanthropist, and speaker. He has dedicated his life to empowering those that are in need of a greater quality of life. He is an involved father, passionate husband and continues to live out his purpose driven life.   

Now is the chance to learn from Cassidy's global impact -Join the BLIG movement. Live Blissfully Ignorant with Faith Beyond Reason. Find the education, support and community that will aid in you recognizing that you were made for your greatness. We were all put on this earth for different reasons. Find your purpose driven path and get out there and impact the world. 

Step 1: Purchase Blissful Ignorance "The art of being an Entrepreneur"

Step 2: Sign up for weekly education and accountability skills and drills

Step 3: Believe in who and what you are, get out there and find a group of people that believe in being their best and do not compromise in the belief that you were put on this earth for greatness.

Believe and you can Achieve!


Blissful Ignorance: 
- Believing without Seeing
- Trust in the Process
- Faith in what you are doing

Having trouble in any of these areas will lead to second guessing yourself along the way. Business, Parenting, Marriage are all based on a belief in others, Trust in who you are dealing with and Faith that you are on the right path in life. 

Being BLIG is a way for you to let go of the struggles, trust in your convictions, trust your gut and get out there and make change in the world. Others hold you back, no matter if they influenced you yesterday, today or 10 years ago. Don't let those that do not understand get in the way of living BLIG!

Sat on the Rocks
Being a leader can be lonely!


If you have faith in who you want to be but your struggling to find a way to get there. This community is right for you. I believe that you're value is greater than you see yourself at times.

I believe that life is hard and being alone makes it harder. You are uniquely designed to bring greatness into the world.


Allow yourself to live Blissfully Ignorant and get out there and do things you never thought possible. I once was lost but was found through my purpose driven path.

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