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  • Cassidy Phillips

1 Week away - will you make the leap?

The Book is almost here, are you ready? I've spent the better part of the last 30 years refining who I am to be the best me possible. All the information came together when I launched TriggerPoint back in 2002. I started out Blissfully Ignorant, not a care in the world other than the desire to help people obtain a quality of life. Many years later I finally understood, the why behind my success. I had Faith beyond reasoning, I Believed in what I was doing without compromise.

I stepped into a world I had no official experience in, therapy, fitness, retail sales, global distribution and in the end managing a staff of 49 employees and endless 1099 contractors. What was my plan, vision and execution? In the beginning I didn't freakin worry about the money, I obsessed about all those where in need of what I was offering. Lead with education and the customer can make their purchasing decision. My thought was as long as my vision remained the same my path could change.

Please take the time to purchase my new book so that you can tap into your greatness, understand who and what you are as a entrepreneur and complete the goal of financial freedom.

Within 10 years I went from living off of $100 a week to having a bank balance in the 8 figures. Join the Blig Life community and learn "the Art of being an Entrepreneur".

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