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  • Cassidy Phillips

David Osborn on Building Wealth, Realizing Your Potential and Leveraging Life

We’re all given different paths in life full of breakdowns and breakthroughs. Instead of continuously slamming your head against a wall, embrace your sense of adventure and find what works better for you.

On this episode, I talk with David Osborn, entrepreneur and author of Wealth Can’t Wait, about investments, the emotions around reaching a goal and making continuous changes to better your life.

Three Things We Learned

Setting goals & accountability are the keys to success. Accountability systems around your goals lead you to more victory.

Vicious versus virtuous cycles. The reason that the winners keep winning is because they are in a virtuous cycle. When you find something that works, you keep working the cycle.

Pay attention to your air game. Air game is stepping out of your life like you’re a spiritual being looking down on your life, and looking at what isn’t working. Then change it. When you’re stuck in the ground game, you’re in survival or reaction mode.

Join us next week to continue this discussion with David Osborn on taking advantage of the opportunities you have and constantly taking steps to better yourself.

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