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  • Cassidy Phillips

David Osborn on Finding the Formula For Life, Embracing Your Journey and What Wealth Really Means

Balance is not a permanent state of being. You have to live unbalanced to find your path to balance and then you have to work at it. It is the old cliche - it is the journey, not the destination. On your journey, you learn how to prioritize, communicate and win.

On this episode, I finish my talk with David Osborn, entrepreneur and author of Wealth Can’t Wait, about your prioritizing, achieving and working toward balance, and learning how to handle your stress.

Three Things We Learned

Leaders need to be willing to follow. Show up for your team and your employees. Your business is stronger when you give your team the opportunity to shine with their leader’s support.

Prioritization is the key to avoiding breakdowns and gaining financial freedom. When you do just the most important things, your results will start going through the roof. Do the hard things.

Look for the winning pattern. You can take a winning pattern from anything - video games, sports, etc - and apply it to your life. Whatever it is that interests you, look at how the people or characters are winning and find the pattern to apply to your business, relationships, and outlook on life.

When we say Wealth Can’t Wait, we mean why would you wait for abundance when you can have it right now. David Osborn gave us insight into how we can find wealth in our own lives by embracing the journey.

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