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  • Cassidy Phillips

Jon Berghoff on The Importance of Collective Wisdom in Business

Jon’s purpose-driven path in life is to facilitate this interconnected network. Many people lose connection with self, with other people, and with nature. Returning that connectedness through questions and answers to lead an organization toward collective wisdom.

On this episode, I continue my talk with co-founder and president of the Flourishing Leadership Institute, Jon Berghoff, about the consciousness of connectedness, leading businesses toward collective wisdom and how his parenting mirrors this philosophy.

Three Things We Learned

Figure out how to get everyone to listen. There are 4 levels of listening: being stuck, having an open mind, being empathetic, and seeing all together as one.

Business owners need to stop asking, “How do we fix a prob problem?” That question only gets us back to neutral, closing the deficit gap. Instead, focus on the question that will get you to abundance.

Leaders need to have patience. The biggest barrier we see to a leader or an organization transitioning to this new approach of tapping into this collective wisdom is patience. It takes patience to figure out what the questions and wait for the answers from 900 people at one time. It’s a lot more efficient for the leaders to figure out what to do since we’re smart and we made it here.

Instead of thinking of sustainability as doing less harm, let’s look at sustainability as flourishing. The highest purpose in our work is a world generations from now where all living things are thriving. Our starting point is within organizations that want to start with collective wisdom within their business.

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