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  • Cassidy Phillips

Podcast Episode: Why I Started the Blissful Ignorance Podcast

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Your mind is powerful. The body tells the mind to do incredible things, and the mind can tell the body to do horrible things. I want to get you moving, get you healthy, get you feeling like you can accomplish anything in life, and your mind will follow suit.

Takeaways from this Episode

This podcast helps pinpoint key decisions in the lives of entrepreneurs

We all have a decision to make - go after greatness, or compromise and live a mediocre life. We know entrepreneurs like you don’t want to live a mediocre life. You want to crush it, figure out how to create the next big opportunity. Will you go after greatness, or will you compromise and live a mediocre life? It all comes down to making that decision.

Blissful Ignorance applies to any kind of entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs come in all types - small business owner, professional athlete, salesperson, online or multi-level marketer. Either way, you have to be blissfully ignorant that you can achieve whatever you want.

If you haven’t pursued what you want, you will live a mediocre life

We all have a responsibility to pursue our greatness. If we haven’t done that, we end up being passive aggressive with ourselves. No one else can be our excuse - parents, friends, peers, coworkers, etc.

If you outwit, outlast, outplay those around you, you will thrive because you’re doing what you want in life. This podcast is meant to inspire those who are need of a greater quality of life to get out there and DO IT. Get out there and achieve what you want, while being thankful for those around you. Those are the ones who make the achievement even better.

Want to take the next step and pursue your greatness?

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