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  • Cassidy Phillips

Rob Dial on Building a Personal Brand & Successful Business on Vulnerability

So many of us take actions and make choices to prove ourselves to other people, but the true journey of enlightenment requires us to look inward.

How do we overcome the feeling of not being enough? When we build a business, why is it so important to listen to what the market wants? Why is it so critical to celebrate our wins and milestones?

On this episode, I’m joined by personal development speaker and coach, Rob Dial. He shares about overcoming his childhood trauma, how it influenced who he is and the business he runs, and how he’s gotten to a billion content views.

Three Things We Learned from Rob Dial

The root of not feeling like we’re enough

We all have a feeling of not being enough in some way, and a lot of it comes from childhood. The average child is reprimanded 8 times more than they are praised by their parents, so they feel like they aren’t enough more often than not. If we’re searching for love from our parents and they constantly reprimand us, we’ll feel like we’re not enough. This can become a trauma, and if we don’t get past it, we’ll just remain broken children inside.

How to build more relevant products

A lot of entrepreneurs just build up a following and never really ask people what they want. They just guess and fail. It’s better to grow a following, find out what people want and then figure out how you can best serve them based on what they want.

How you can be more influential in the market place via online channels

The most valuable thing to have right now is a personal brand. People connect with people, not brands The best way to influence sales is to go where everyone is going, and just be top of mind. Have a personal brand that’s just about you and then people will find out about the company from there. When there are more eyes on you the person, inevitably there’ll be more eyes on your business.

Many people are stuck in lives they don’t think they signed up for. One of the most important things we have to unravel is whether we’re trying to prove ourselves to others or doing things for ourselves. When we’re so focused on how other people see us, it holds us back from doing what we do best.

To overcome this, we have to focus on our superpowers and learn to look inward to determine our worth. When our emotional currency is greater than any physical currency in the bank, that’s when we can truly find joy.

Want to take the next step and pursue your greatness?

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