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  • Cassidy Phillips

Rock Thomas on Overcoming Past Challenges & The Power of Owning Your Own Mind

It’s so easy to have checks and systems that evaluate how well we’re doing financially, but our inner selves require the same. What does it take to overcome the past challenges, traumas and difficulties that impact our emotions? What is selective disbalance, and how should we think about the concept of balance in our lives? On this episode, I’m joined by whole-life wealth expert, and one of my mentors, Rock Thomas who shares on his life, his journey to success and what drives him and brings him joy.

Three Things We Learned from Rock Thomas

Why Balance is an Illusion

Our lives are divided into different buckets, career, spirituality, relationships etc. The prevailing message we’re told is that all these things have to be in complete balance, but this isn’t practical. The truth is, you’ll only be able to intensify in specific areas while the others take the backseat. Anytime one bucket gets filled, others will get depleted.

How our environments can poison or nourish us

We’re all programmed by the ecosystems we were raised in, and we’re constantly receiving data from the outside world that influences us negatively. When we hire people, we have to take their environments into account in order to know how best to lead them.

How to start taking control of your mind and your thoughts

When we “don’t feel like doing” something important or “aren’t in the mood” for an activity that improves our businesses or our health, we’re letting our minds own and control us. We have the power and permission to own our minds and control what we do.

Whether it’s never getting the approval and validation of your parents, or going through a tough childhood, the answer to your healing is actually falling in love with yourself. It’s no one’s job to validate us, that responsibility lies solely in our hands.

We can be the architects of our greatest successes, and this applies in life and in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is an art, and as long as you feel that you are meant for more, you’ll keep seeking and searching for the answers. You just have to have the faith that you’ll find that purpose, and be willing to pursue it.

Want to take the next step and pursue your greatness?

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